Our Profile
PT Sinar Para Taruna (SIPATATEX), come to existance in 1989 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, as an expansion of its sister company C.V. Sinar Matahari Textile (C.V. Simatex). C.V. Simatex plant that was established in 1972 in downtown Bandung. Sipatatex is a family owe business that specialize in providing superior high quality warp knitted lace and tricot fabric. Dedicated to provide the very best to its customer inquality as well as in service. Armed with more then 40 plus years of history , expertise and commitment projected the company into the future and beyond.
The entire plant is located at Batujajar Industrial Area, occupying an area of approxiamately 45 thousand square meters. The production plant are supported by it's own yarn preparations department, Dyeing and Finishing departement,Yarn processing departement a full set of laboratory for fabric testing, packaging departement as well as design department.
Where Are We Now
Over the years, the company history is mark by continuous expansion with investment into cutting edge technologies and machinaries. Buying only the very best machines there is in warp knitted textile. Aiming for the high quality warp knitting fabric, total quality management system are implemented thoughout the production line. Training center for employees, which are maneged by experts in their respective field, provided the necessary skill and know how to meet the ever changing world of textile technology as well as trend and demand of the market. PT. Sinar Para Taruna is committed to providing the very best in quality and excellent service to its clients. Together with continuous improvement and finding innovative ways in doing things, Sipatatex is turning into one of the major player in warp knitting industries locally as well as internationally and an absulute.
" PT. Sinar Para Taruna aims to play a leading role in the warp knit industries, providing a one stop shopping service, tailor made for all customer seeking any good quality warp knitted products, combining the best machines available in the market with experience skill competent personal, to meet our customer satisfaction. "
Qualification and Certification